Our story

Our story

Bollé lunettes de travail

Founded in 1888 in Oyonnax, Bollé design and manufacture, originally combs and hair accessories from horn. In 1936 the company launched the production of sunglasses and optical frames in Celluloid and then Rhodoid. After the Second World War, Bollé became the pioneer of molded nylon, with products that met the highest standards of that time. The first pair of goggles and masks joined the Bollé range of products in 1950.

The sporting adventure started in 1960: Bollé markets its first dedicated ski goggles. Meanwhile, the  Bollé Safety division worked alongside the French Army, Navy and Aerospace to develop safety goggles.



As an Industry leader with innovative products, the Bolle family has grown from the small workshop beginnings to become a leading global manufacturer of quality eyewear.

Today, more than 100 years later, Bollé products are distributed and worn in all parts of the globe.





Key numbers of Bollé Safety (EMEA) today:

• Over 120 years of expertise
• 500 products
• 4 product lines: safety, welding, RX and Tactical
• 3 subsidiaries (Bollé Safety North America, Bollé Safety Europe Middle East & Africa and Bolle Safety Asia Pacific)
• 2 300 square meters of storage 
• 24h-48h: Delivery in France max / 48h - 72h for EMEA

In 2013, Bollé Safety sold nearly 10 million pairs of eyewear (EMEA).

1888: Creation of the Company Seraphin Bollé. Invention of Celluloid (JW Hyatt), a material that becomes the base product for Bollé.

1936: First manufacturing of sunglasses and optical frames in Celluloid, then rhodoid.

1946: production of the 1st nylon Bollé goggles.

1950: Launch of the 1st set of safety spectacles and goggles and in 1956, Georges Bolle, created the famous pair of "cat eyes" sunglasses in nylon

1960: Production of 1st ski goggles 

Creation of two specific manufacturing departments:

  • Department of Industrial Safety  that developed products to provide the French Army, Navy and Aerospace with safety eyewear
  • Department of Sport glasses amateurs and professionals looking for leading-edge design and maximum protection

2001: Integration of the Group into Bushnell Outdoor Products

2002: Creation of the Viper, Targa & Premium models

2004: Launch of Contrast technology and B-line range

2006: Launch of the ESP Technology & Prescription range

2008: Launch of B-Polarized Technology

2009: Redesign of the new range Tactical logo "B-Tactical" & B-Switch concept

2010: Launch of HD technology

2011: Launch of B-Green, 1st eco-friendly eyewear - obtaining the ISO 9001

2012: Creation of B-flex bridge technology, Twilight and Slam Hi-Viz

2013: Creation of Iri-s and Rush+ models

2014: Launch of CSP Technology, PLATINUM coating, and Silium+ model

2015 : Creation of RUSH+ Small model

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